Ledbury & District Harriers is an established running club that began in 2001. We meet every Tuesday evening at Ledbury Rugby club for a 6.45 pm run. Other runs are organised by members during the week via our Facebook page.

We run every week whatever the weather. During the Autumn and Winter months our routes are based around the town, but in Spring and Summer we explore the lanes, fields and hills around Ledbury.

Running as a group has a number of benefits over running individually, not least the social advantages. New members often comment on the friendly atmosphere amongst club members.

We run in 4 running groups so that ability and speed are all catered for:

* EasyRunners …  3-4 miles @ 11.5 -12.5 min/mile pace

* Intermediates 1 … 4-5 miles @ 10.5 - 11.5 min/mile pace

* Intermediates 2 …  5/6 miles @ 9.5 -10.5 min/mile pace

* Elites … 7/8 miles at 7 - 8 min/mile pace

Whichever group you decide to go in, you will be looked after and never be too far behind.

The aim is for you to enjoy running!


Club runs operate on a muster / tracking-back principle, which means that runners who reach a muster point before those at the back of the group must run back to pick them up. This ensures that back-runners get as long a rest as front runners, and that front-runners get an extra bit of running in!

Club membership is currently £20 per annum, to be reviewed in 2016. We ask that new-comers join as paid-up members after a maximum of three trial runs. Non-members are asked to pay a fee of £1 per run to help cover administration costs until they become full members.

Young runners are welcome to join us for club runs provided they are aged no younger than 13 and can complete a run of at least 4 miles. Runners under 18 must must run in the same group as their parent / guardian who is responsible for their child for the duration of the run. Parents / guardians accompanying their children should also be club members.

Running is cheap. All you need are good trainers or running shoes and light-coloured clothing if you are running at night. Ladies are advised to wear a good sports bra. Please see below for more information on clothing.

Please email Jayne for more information:


over 15°c
over 12°c (sunny)
11°c to 15°c (dull)
11°c to 12°c (sunny)
7°c to 11°c
4°c to 7°c
-1°c to 4°c
-2°c to -1°c
under -2°c


Singlet & shorts
Singlet & shorts
T-shirt & shorts
T-shirt & shorts
Sweatshirt & shorts
Tracksuit, vest & gloves
Tracksuit, vest & skigloves
Tracksuit & thermals

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