Challenge No 5 – Virtual Yacht Race

Virtual Yacht Race Pairs
Here are the pairs for the Yacht Race. To get some idea of what speed people run, have a look at last week’s mileage for running 30 mins on Facebook if you have access to it.  Should be a good starting point.  If not on Facebook, have a look at parkrun times or just give it your best shot! . 
If you could message Jayne Cresswell or email her  ( )  with your estimated time for your partner’s 5K run that would be great. When we have all the guesses in, we will put up the post on Facebook to allow for the actual time to be posted or you can email Jayne with your time when you have completed your run. 
Neil Grinnell    Sally Rooke
Mark Lister      Rachel Bannister
Graham Bell    David Bannister
Chris Law        Amy Saunders
Nicholas Tyler  Pip Frost
Martin Wiliams Helen Keegan
Kate Elkington  Mark Marshall
Steve Rooke   John Lane
Chris Grubb     Jo Taylor-Greig
Jack Ferguson Tony Saunders
Lyn Gardiner    Maria Law
Nick Currie       Duncan Cresswell
Have fun. You have until 6pm on Sunday evening to complete your 5K run!