Challenge No 5 – Virtual Yacht Race

It’s about this time of the year we hold our annual Yacht Race.

For those of you new to the club, it normally goes something like this:-

5K course

Teams of 2

They estimate their combined time  and the pair nearest that wins!  The catch is that you are not allowed to wear any form of timing device when you do it.


As it is a virtual race this time, I can’t say that you can’t wear your watch, can I?

So the new rules are:-

5K course (any course will do)  You don’t both have to do the same course.

Teams of 2

You have to guess your team member’s time and tell me (via email or messenger) but don’t tell them!

The team with the nearest total to their combined time wins!


Can I suggest we try this for this weekend –  13th/14th June?

There are other challenges and events planned so watch this space!