Couch to 5k

We love seeing the improvement of our C25k group each week. Well done! Try to get out again this week …I realise it’s not as easy as the nights draw in, but you will get pay back.

So group 3 did 3 minutes running 1 min walk for 40 mins. Try this again…your first running may need to be less than 3 mins. (first one is always the hardest)

Group 2 did  5km running for 3 to 4 mins with 1 min recovery. Again out for a total of 40mins. Some of you ran for 6 mins at the end!

Group 3 as above (but you were a wee bit faster as you completed just over the 5km distance)

Have a great week and don’t forget to check out Park Run. Book the date in your diary Saturday November 24th Newent Community Centre.