Couch to 5K 26th February 2020

We are on week 6 of our Couch to 5k course. Well done to all runners yesterday.

Group 1 virtually ran continuously with only 2 one minute walks. This group ran for 3.2 miles.

Group 2 ran for 5 and 6 mins with 1 minute walks, then continuously from Top Cross. They ran to Newbury Park, therefore covered 5K.

Group 3 took on the challenge of hills and ran up Biddulph Way. Running for 2 mins then walking for 1 mins. They increased the running to 3 mins when we returned down New St and then ran continuously from the cemetery. They covered the distance of 2.5 miles.

Excellent running all!

Homework is to do the same. Group 3 if you haven’t got any hills, run for 4 mins and walk for 1 min.

On Saturday 21st March, you will be running at Newent Parkrun. You need to register with Parkrun, which is freeĀ, to enable you to get a time. You need to print off the bar code and bring that with you.

Then on Tuesday 24th March after the club run, we will be having our graduation party and you will be fed sausage and chips (vegetarian option available)