Couch to 5k

We missed a few of you last night but another great session by all. You are over half way through the course and well on the way to doing a great 5km run on November 24th!

This week we want you to do another 40 mins run and walk. Aim for what you did last night again- 4 mins or more before you walk. If it all seems too much or you don’t have 40 mins to spare just repeat week 1 with a 20 mins run/walk.

We had a couple of tight calves last night. You have increased your running since we started – do keep on top of the stretches. Also, this is a good time to check out your foot wear. Are you running in just adequate shoes or could you do better? We don’t want poor shoes to stop you now. Check out Up and Running at Cheltenham or The Active Foot Company at Worcester or Gloucester Sports at Gloucester.

Have a good week….and we are still meeting next week even though it is half term.