Couch to 5k

Great to see we have 10 runners who haven’t missed a session and this was week 4. Just 5 to go. A few are struggling with niggles and we wish you a speedy recovery. This comes as a timely reminder to us to remember to stretch those big muscle groups at the end of the run…front of leg, back of leg and back of lower leg. Hold them for 15 – 20 seconds.

Homework this week – try to run /walk for 20 mins then turn round and run the same home. Group 1 (3 mins run), Group 2 ( 2 – 3 mins run) Group 3 & 4 ( 2 mins run)

Tony will be at Homebase at 6pm this Friday for any Couch to 5k runners who want someone to run with. Just turn up.

Have a great week!