Couch to 5k Week 2

Great turn out last night! Only 2 runners not able to join us. Thanks to leaders Kate & Tony for keeping you all on track. So, homework this week is:  total session time 30 minutes. (you may wish to do what we did 15 minutes out then turn around and re trace route)

Group 1 (1 min 30 moving on to 2 mins for each run, with 1 minute recovery)

Group 2 ( 1 min moving on to 1min 30 for each run, 1 min recovery)

Group 3 same as group 2 but slow it down….

Same for you all – if you’re finding it a bit hard SLOW down….remember you should be able to talk & run.

Don’t forget¬† warm up and cool down stretches. Enjoy!