Cross Country Season 2021-22 – please read if taking part has crossed your mind (even briefly!)

If you think there is even the remote chance that you might take part in one of the Cross-Country races this winter, please can you let either myself or Neil Grinnell  ( have the following information please.



Email address

You may not be able to join later so even if you are not 100% sure but are thinking about it, please let us have your details!

The dates are as follows:-

Race 1   Sunday October 10th      Fforest Fields      Builth and District

Race 2   Sunday November 14th  Croft Castle         Croft Ambrey

Race 3   Sunday December 5th    tbc                       tbc

Race 4   Sunday February 6th      tbc                       tbc

The races are all 5-6 miles.




Any other questions about it, please ask either myself or Neil.