Day 7 – into the desert…

We are now in the penultimate state of our trip across the States.  Arizona – home to the Grand Canyon.


Some amazing mileage done today – Sally and Steve Rooke cycled 100 miles!

I’ll do the stats and leagues tomorrow.



House of Narcotics – The Orb  (Nick Tyler)

All these things I’ve done – The Killers (Lyn Gardiner)


Total Miles covered

Run – 779

Walk – 279

Cycled – 1025

Miles Plotted (after converting cycling and walking miles ) – 1679


Start Point: Cuevo, New Mexico

End Point:  Petrified Forest National Park Arizona


Fact of the day: 

The Petrified Forest National Park is the only National Park in the U.S. to include and protect a section of Route66.  It looks amazing with very distinctive geological formations.