Do you wish you could run faster or further?

Are you a social runner? Are you trying to improve or maintain good health? Do you enjoy racing and want to run faster or do you want to be able to run for longer? For most of us it is a combination of the above and you may have other aims too.

Are you achieving your goals? Maybe you could do with a more structured programme? 

For the person who runs once a week – keep coming to club training as it’s more fun than running alone!

For the person who runs 3 times a week:

  • Club run – running in groups pushes you more than running alone and is more fun!
  • A more challenging run (Fun & Fast or similar – plenty of ideas on the internet)
  • Park run or a race or a longer run. (this will depend on your goals)

Don’t do all 3 sessions in your first week. Introduce one and when you feel ready introduce the next until the 3 sessions are achievable.

Running 4 times a week:

As above but do a Park Run or race and a longer run

Running more than 4 times a week?…add in some recovery runs.

For all runners who start a new programme do listen to your body to avoid injury.

The experts advice is:

  • Increase weekly distance by a maximum of 10% per week.
  • Don’t increase pace and distance in one session

At Ledbury Harriers don’t be afraid to drop down a group if you have increased other sessions. Use it as a ‘recovery’ run if you feel tired.

Varying your training increases your speed, strength and range of motion. Variety in training keeps it fresh and fun and you will improve at a faster rate.

Next article will be on strength, agility, balance and co ordination.