Eyes down for your next virtual challenge!

Now this one is for fun and to give your runs a bit of variation.


This is the Ledbury Harriers Bingo Card!  (A pdf version is available here  Ledbury Harrier Bingo)





Run with

another member of your family


Run a sprint session


Run before

9:00 am


Take a mid-run selfie


Take a picture of some wildlife

Run and say hello to everyone you pass



Run in your

garden for 1km


Run 3 days in a row


Run your

favourite route in reverse


Run up a big hill

Run in fancy dress

(photo evidence required)


Run in your

Harrier top

Run a virtual Parkrun at 9:00am on a Saturday

Run in a wood


Run without your watch


Cycle 5 miles then run 1 mile



Run 10km

Run somewhere you have never run before


So can you get a full line in one run?  Who is going to be the first person to get a full house?  Please send in your photos of you doing these things and I will put them in the next newsletter  or  you can post them on Facebook.


Thanks to Jayne for putting this together.


Have fun!