Fun & Fast Christmas special no. 1.

Never tried fun & fast? Why not try us out next Thursday 6th December. Meet at Homebase 6pm or warmed up ready to start at 6.15pm on junction of New Mills Way and Prince Rupert Rd.

Paarlauf or speedplay

We will put a faster runner (A) with a slower runner(B). Runner A sets off round a loop of just over 200m & tags Runner B, Runner B then sets of round a slighter shorter loop whilst Runner A walk/jogs 50 metres to end of second loop. Runner A sets off again whilst Runner B walk/jogs to end of first loop. It becomes a continuous relay with a recovery walk/jog.

Sounds confusing? Imagine you are on an athletics track – start half way along home straight, A runs 200m bend then tags B who then runs the other bend, during this time recovery is crossing the mid field. Any clearer?

Don’t worry we will do a practice run through! Please encourage your friends to attend….just turn up. All welcome!