Fun & Fast – do you want to improve your 5k? or 10k?

Tomorrow nights session:

1 13/09/2018 (5′ @ 10k, 3’E) x 3 pace 10km or Z4 (5′ H, 2’E) x 4 pace threshold or Z4

New to fun & fast? Come down for 6pm and I will explain more. We will aim to start the session as close to 6.15pm as possible. Please consider doing the 5k sessions if you are looking to improve your 5k time – it is NOT and easier option for the less fit.

I suggest, since both 5k & 10k session is 5 minutes running, that we all use the small loop followed by long loop (total 800m) then add a small loop on…or more. The recovery walk/jog will allow us all to get back to the start whether we are on the long loop or back on the small loop.