Fun & Fast Thursday November 8th

This is week 9 of our 10 week course. I should be with you all at 6.15pm and would love to hear your feedback. Also, this will help us decide where to go from here? I am hoping you are either doing Newent 9 (18th) or the Parkrun on 24th (when our current C25k group will take part)

We have had a few PB’s already (Caroline, Sarah & Kate E) but I would love to know if we get any more on the 18th or 24th.

Session is: 5k training (1 min at 5k, 1 min recovery) x 8, full recovery and repeat. That is a total of 16 by 1 min runs.

10k training (1 min 30 at 5k, 1 min recovery) x 12.

Looking forward to seeing lots out tomorrow!