Fun & Fast tomorrow 31st October

Meet as usual at Homebase 6pm or corner of Prince Rupert Rd 6.15pm but we are using New Mills Rd. Session is:  30 seconds at 10k pace followed by  30 secs rest for a total 20 minutes. Set your watch to beep every 30 secs. (you are aiming to do 20 reps – turn around after each rep so you are running the same stretch of road, there and back)

WARNING This is a HARD session particularly if you set off too fast…don’t be tempted to sprint the 30 secs as the 30 secs recovery gives you about time to stop and turn around before you set off again. The idea is to keep your heart rate in the training zone. Try to start and finish each repetition at the same place each time – use the lamp posts as markers perhaps.

Catherine and I are doing this session at 8.15am and will let you know how it goes on facebook. If you are confused do ask!