Hares Vs Tortoises Virtual Challenge – Weekend of 6th /7th June

The rules are straightforward.

Run for 30 mins and then let me know how far you ran.   You can put your mileage on the FB post (with picture of watch/ Strava map and selfie (optional!)  or email me at helen@greendawnaccounting.co.uk.

I will then add up the miles and let you know which team runs further.

I have tried to make the teams as equal as possible based on the groups you run with.


Here are the the teams:-

Hares Tortoises
Chris Grubb David Collyer
Cliff Berry Steve Rooke
Nick Currie Neil Grinnell
David Bannister Graham Bell
Roy Davies Gill Powell
Louise Wall Jayne Cresswell
Lyn Gardiner Denise Wright
Sally Rooke Rachel Bannister
Jo Jackson Pete Jackson
Joanne Hartness Chloe Brown
Tony Saunders John Lane
Tor Band Laura Webb
Jack Ferguson Mark Lister
Catherine Every Amy Saunders
Sarah Coggins Helen Keegan
Sally Smart Caroline Horne
Jo Taylor-Greig Pip Frost


I will just publish the total miles for each team.  Please let me have your run details by 8pm on Sunday evening.