Ledbury Harriers Newsletter

Hello Harriers,

Well done to all of our Couch to 5K graduates who graduated on Tuesday.  It was great seeing you at Newent Parkrun, for what was a very wet and muddy course.  Well done to those of you who took part in the Howling Bull race today, another wet and muddy course.

This Tuesday’s run is a move up run.  Our Couch to 5K graduates will be joining us and this is your opportunity to move up to the next group if you have increased your speed.

The groups will be led by two leaders so that you all feel comfortable in those groups.  I shan’t be at the club on Tuesday, as it Vaughan’s concert.

Run this week is from the Rugby Club – 6:30 to run at 6:45.  Warm up at 6.30.  Lead runners are:

Jeffers – HELP NEEDED x2

Gentle Joggers – HELP NEEDED x2

Easy Runners – Catherine HELP NEEDED x1

Runners – Sally S HELP NEEDED x1


Please can I remind you of the running group pace and distance.  It is important that groups stay together as much as possible and those faster runners in the group should muster back to the runner at the back.  This is really important as it makes everyone feel part of the club.


Jeffers – Run/walk group

Gentle Joggers – 11 – 12 min mile pace, around 3 – 4 miles

Easy Runners–  10 – 11  min mile pace, around 4 miles.

Runners – 9 -10 min mile pace, around 4 – 5 miles

Sprinters –  8 – 9 min mile pace, around 5 –6 miles

Elites –  7 – 8 min mile pace, around 7-8 miles

A questionnaire will be coming out to find out what your opinion is on our running groups.  The committee feel that the faster groups need to have another group as the Sprinters are getting faster.  Please look out for this online questionnaire as it will help us continue to grow our club.