Ledbury Harriers Virtual Challenge 3

We’re going on a road trip!  A classic!  We are going to do Route 66  from Chicago to Santa Monica in California.  All 2448 miles of it.

Along the way we will visit 8 states.  I’m hoping to add in some  facts as well each day depending on where we are.

Again, we will log our miles for walking running and cycling.  However, this time I will only plot the equivalent of running miles.

For every 1 mile walked, I will plot 2 miles running.  For cycling, every 3 miles cycled, will equal 1 mile of running.  Please just let me know your miles walked and cycled – I will do the maths!!  Post all your miles (run, walk and cycle) on the Facebook post or email me : helen@greendawnaccounting.co.uk

Now as we are having a road trip, I think we need music.  3 people will be nominated each day to suggest a track to add to the playlist.  The song or piece of music can be anything.  Maybe something that reminds you of a particular race, something that gets you going in the morning.  If you run to music, maybe it’s your favourite training song or it could just be a piece you like!  If you are nominated, please tell us why.

Please still let me know which group you are part of when you log your miles.

Hope you enjoy the trip!