Newsletter 10th May 2020


These are normally collected from 1st April.  England Athletics have extended the deadline for England Athletic Membership to 31st August 2020 .  Sue has been unable to do the electronic membership entry form for this year so we are back to the usual paper-based method.  The form is on both Facebook and the Club Website.  Please make sure that you use the updated form and that you have the correct bank details on any BACS payment you make.  Any queries, please let either myself or Sue know.

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Meet your Lead Runners!


Jayne Cresswell – Previous Chair, Couch to 5K Leader plus Lead Runner for Jeffers and Gentle Joggers.


Jayne was worried that this might not be a positive enough message for the newsletter.  However, I think that this is a very honest and brave piece on how she feels about running.  Thank you, Jayne for sharing it with us.

“I hate running!  Every time I have to drag my body out to run, I never want to go running.  Nothing about it is enjoyable.  Dragging your body around lanes, fields, up hills etc.  It hurts!

I have never, ever been athletic.  No-one wanted me on their team at school, even friends.  Anything physical for me was torture.  Whilst at school, I did try and run.  When we got a dog, I used to do a mile loop with her but I only did it about twice and then gave up.  My Dad, a very keen runner, used to drag my brother out with him and it looked like they had gone through the worst torture ever when they returned.  My brother gave up running when he beat my dad in a race.  He had achieved all he had set out to do.

Why did I start running then?  I used to work for a building society that sponsored the Tipton 10K.  Work wanted 10 people to run it to raise money for a charity.  I said OK.  I was a fat 26 year old, who had not worked up a sweat since leaving school, this could be interesting.  I rang my Dad, “Dad, don’t laugh but I want you to train me for the Tipton 10K.  I don’t want you to nag me or moan at my lack of ability, I just want your support”  My Dad supported me all through my training.  It gave us a bond.  Until that day, I didn’t really feel any positive connection with my dad, I was just his daughter.

I ran many times with my dad and we entered lots of races together.  We drove all the way to Brampton to run the Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile race.

Just me and my dad in the car all the way.  I loved being with my dad and having this connection. I got married but continued running.  Whilst pregnant, I still ran.  My dad was always there supporting me and if he didn’t come along he would ring as soon as I got home.

Moving to Malvern made running together difficult but whenever he visited, off we would go running together.  It is still like that.  My dad is 79 and still running.  He does his weekly parkrun and checks that I have run it too by logging onto the Parkrun website.  He will ring me if I’ve had a good parkrun and also when I have not had a good one.  That bond is still there.  Dad encouraging me to run.

But I still hate it!  I am not a typical runner.  I am about 5 stone overweight.  I am extremely slow.  I am not an attractive sight.   So why doI do it?

Over the years, I have met so many amazing people.  When I am running, I like to chat to those around me.  In doing so,  I have listened to people’s stories.  People who 18 months ago couldn’t run but are now walking parkrun.

People who 20 odd years ago dropped a curb stone on their back and broke it.

Was told they would never walk again and there they were running their 38th marathon.  People who are running a marathon or ultra every week for a year to raise money for a charity, even though they themselves are a very large runner.  These are just three examples, I could write loads.

I have also made some great friends through running.  Theses friends have supported me through personal difficulties and shown me encouragement in all that I do.  For that, I thank them and realise I would not have met these wonderful people if I didn’t run.

I shall continue running, until my body no longer lets me.  I will continue to battle the demons that tell me I can’t run, that I’m useless and shouldn’t be going out my door upsetting those that see me.  I will continue to put up with negative comments from mainly young people driving by in cars.  I will continue to upset those who don’t think fat people should run.

I am sure that I will continue to hate it but then again who knows.

I carry with me in my purse a card that has the quote:

“The miracle is not that I finished.  The miracle is that I had the courage to start – John Bingham.”


 Ledbury Harriers Virtual Challenge


Thank you for taking part this week.   64 members have contributed so far.    I think we will be back at Land’s End by the end of the week.  If anyone has an idea for the next challenge, please let me know!


I don’t expect there to be any major changes to the Government advice tonight.  I will wait and see what England Athletics updated advice is and let you know if there are any changes.  In the meantime, keep safe and keep well.


Take care.