Newsletter 12th April 2020

Newsletter – 12th April 2020

Happy Easter!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in contributions for the newsletter this week.  Please keep them coming!  They will appear here – just rationing them out so that I have a few weeks covered.  Maybe this could be a regular feature?!


These are normally collected from 1st April.  England Athletics have extended the deadline for England Athletic Membership to 31st August 2020 .  Sue has been unable to do the electronic membership entry form for this year so we are back to the usual paper-based method.  The form is on both Facebook and the Club Website.  Please make sure that you use the updated form and that you have the correct bank details on any BACS payment you make.  Any queries, please let either myself or Sue know.


Get to know your Committee and Lead Runners!

Catherine Every – Lead Runner

  1. Role: Lead Runner
  2. When did you start running? 2014
  3. Why? I wanted a cheap way to keep fit. (Turns out, of course, that it isn’t that cheap. My trainers are comfortably the most expensive shoes I own and they have to be replaced every three months.)
  4. First Race? Worcester City 10k in 2016.
  5. Favourite distance? Hmmm. Probably half marathon. Having said that, I’ve done a couple of team event 24 hour ultras and I have loved those because you go through every emotion from despair to utter exhilaration – with your mates by your side.
  6. Favourite place to run? Anywhere quiet where I can hear birds singing – I love the lanes round here in the summer. Also, anywhere flat; this is trickier round here!
  7. Music or not when you run? Not. See above.
  8. Favourite local event? Aside from Newent parkrun, the Newent Nine – I love seeing so many Harriers out 😊
  9. Best tip you were given about running? Use the Headspace app to help with maintaining focus and calm over longer distances (thank you, Helen Keegan!)


Laura Webb – Lead Runner

 When did I start running- October 2015

Why? Our HR director at work suggested we start Couch to 5k. I never thought I would complete it as I hadn’t ran since high school. Being a smoker when I started to even do the 30 second jog my heart was in my throat- I used to get home and say to my husband ‘I can’t do this’ and was going to quit. He said just keep going and thankfully I did! I stopped smoking and carried on and completed C25K. We did a Santa Dash in the December (2015) and I never looked back! (with the black t-shirt)

I joined Ledbury Harriers in October 2017 and it was one of the best things I have done especially from gaining new friends and learning Ledbury off the back of my hand.

First Race- I did a local 10k In Hereford in July 2016  and struggled as I was so nervous- I thought I was so out of place with slim club runners around me. I finished last with a time of 1 hour 8 min but I still completed it. I ran this exact route in December (2019) and finished in a time of 59min 51 seconds- I was so chuffed to be under the hour!.

 Second Race- Blenheim Palace 10k (Oct 2016) with my good friend Michelle.  Just fresh on hols with a tan I completed in 1 hour 4 and was over the moon!

Fav Distance- I like a 10k run, it’s not that far but far enough!

Music– Never listen to music, prefer the peace and quiet.

Fav Local event- I love Newent 9k as it’s very friendly and well organised. Also love a Parkrun.

Best Tip- Hmm, had to think of this one….Keep going, you are strong enough mentally and physically.

Achievement– So far I have ran 6 half marathons in England and Wales. My aim is to do one in Scotland (I did book Edinburgh for May 2020 but cancelled due to Covid19) and one in Ireland. On my bucket list is to do an event abroad.

I have a map at home with different coloured pins in to show where my hobby has taken me. I smile every time I look at it with a good feeling of achievement. I keep all my race numbers and write on the back when where etc and I look back at these on occasions.

2020 looks uncertain for events so 2021 maybe a year to make more memories with great friends.



It’s been four weeks since the last club run and some people maybe finding it difficult to keep motivated to run.  It would be great for people to share their tips on how to keep running at this time.

To start you off, here’s a couple of mine:-

  • Run your usual route in reverse. It’s amazing how different it seems and what you see this way round. (Doing Newent parkrun in reverse always makes me look at it very differently!)
  • Keep connected with runners. Keep chatting to your running mates – even if you’re not talking about running. Use Facebook, Whatsapp and even the phone. I’ve been really enjoying the routes that people have put on our Facebook page and hearing about the Putley parkrun!  First lady again, Jayne! The video that Newent parkrun have done is worth checking out as well.


We will keep you updated on when we are able to meet again but in the meantime, please keep well and safe.