Newsletter 14th June 2020


We have received 37 memberships so far.  We usually have around 100 members.  I realise that these are not normal times and the club isn’t running as it usually does; however your membership fees will go to keep the club running when we return to our club meetings again.  So if you haven’t sent in your membership forms and payments, we would appreciate if you could do so.  The annual cost if you want to be unaffiliated to England Athletics is £15.00  If you wish to have England Athletic membership as well, it is £30.00.

The link to the membership form is below.  Please make sure that you use the updated form and that you have the correct bank details on any BACS payment you make.  Any queries, please let either myself or Sue know.

Membership form can  be found here:-


Change in Government Advice regarding exercise as of 1st June 2020

The government guidance can be found here.

England Athletics have now updated their guidance on resuming athletics activity.

This is the advice:-

  • Exercise outdoors only in groups of up to 6 people providing athletes/runners maintain social distancing advice i.e. 2m apart if from a different household
  • A coach and up to 5 athletes or runners can train together provided they maintain social distancing i.e. 2m apart if from a different household

Full details can be found here:-

At the moment, this means that we will not be running as a club. We will keep in touch by newsletters and virtual events. As soon as we are able to meet safely as a group we will let you know.

Training Tips

Without the usual club sessions, it can difficult to either motivate yourself or not to pay too much attention to how you are running.  Sally Smart has put together these training tips to help you keep your form whilst running.  They are used with the Couch to 5K groups but they are equally applicable to everyone.

Keep your head straight

Look straight ahead of you, about 30 to 40 metres out in front, and avoid looking down at your feet. Looking down will create tension in your neck and shoulders. Keep your jaw and neck relaxed.

Don’t hunch your shoulders                                                      

Your shoulders should be back and down. Keep them relaxed and avoid tensing them. Don’t hunch over as this restricts breathing, allowing less oxygen to get to the muscles.

Keep your hands relaxed

Your hands should be relaxed, but don’t let them flop. Tight hands can cause tension all the way up to the back and shoulders.

Keep your arms at 90 degrees

Your arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Try to swing them forward and back, not across your body. The arm movement helps to propel you forward, so swinging them sideways is a waste of energy.

Lean forward while running

Don’t bend forward or backward from the waist as this places pressure on the hips. Some experts advise running in an upright position, but Phillips believes using your body weight to lean forward a bit while running can reduce heel strike and help you land on the middle of your foot.

Keep your hips stable

Your hips should remain stable and forward-facing. Don’t stick your bottom out or rock your hips from side to side. Keeping this position in your hips can help prevent low back and hip pain.

Don’t lift your knees too high

Land with a slight bend in the knee. This helps to absorb the impact of running on hard surfaces. Don’t lift your knees too high and avoid bouncing up and down. Your knees should be lifting forwards rather than upwards.

Aim for a mid-foot strike

Landing on the middle of your foot is the safest way to land for most recreational runners. Avoid striking the ground with your heel or your forefoot first. Your foot should land below your hips – not out in front of you.

Don’t strike the ground heavily

Aim for short light steps. Good running is light and quiet. Whatever your weight, your feet should not slap loudly as they hit the ground. Light steps are more efficient and cause less stress to the body.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically

Whether you breathe through your nose or mouth, try to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Avoid shallow and quick breaths. Try to aim for one breath for every two strides, but don’t be afraid to try longer breathing


 Virtual Challenges

Thank you for your comments on what you would like to see.  This week’s Virtual Yacht Race will conclude this evening, with results out tomorrow.  Thank you, Jayne,  for taking on the job of collating predictions and results.

There will be another challenge out this week.  This time it is aimed at the ‘fun’ part of running.  (There is a ‘fun’ part of running – really!)


Virtual Parkruns

If you are missing your regular Saturday parkrun, please see both Ross-on-Wye and Newent’s Facebook pages where a virtual parkrun is taking place each week.  You run your 5km and post your time.  Results are then posted!  Just like a normal Saturday.  This can be a good incentive to get out and run.


Have a good week.  Take care and keep safe.