Newsletter 17th October 2021

Hi there

It’s been a busy weekend.  Lots of racing taking place so looking forward to seeing the reports and photos!

Parkrun Volunteer Takeover

Thank you to everyone who came and volunteered yesterday.  A great turnout from the Harriers!  Maybe we can do again sometime in the future.

Thanks to Rachel for these photos – Harriers having fun!


Well done to the 7 Harriers who travelled over to Builth Wells for the race.  The results can be found here:-  Results

The next cross country is on the 14th November at Croft Castle.  Details will be in the next newsletter.

Tuesday Night Run

Look forward to seeing you at the Rugby Club  on Tuesday.  Please do sign up so we know to expect you! Sign-Up Sheet

Thursday Night Sessions

We are getting a number of people turning up for these sessions which is great to see.  The hill technique sessions are being well attended.

Thank you Kate for organising and running the hill sessions.  Here is something to think about and work on before the next session from Kate.

“It’s great to see a good turnout at the fortnightly hill sessions and I hope everyone is going away with some useful tips and that you’re learning to love the hills….up AND down.

Key points to remember so far are:



Look ahead

Good backwards arm drive

Don’t stop at the top!!

The best way to start to tackle hills is to make them manageable; try and build up, working from the top section until it doesn’t challenge you, start further down, until that doesn’t challenge you. Keep repeating this until you are confidently and enjoyable achieving that hill from bottom to top. Then find a bigger/longer/steeper one! Repeat.

If it’s getting tough and you are determined to get over that brow, don’t lean forward, change direction. Whether that be turn round and run down a bit to recover and then turn round and continue your challenge, or maybe put in some zigzags to lose the gradient while you recover, it doesn’t matter.

Try to keep in control of how you feel and equally as important, try to recover while still running. This way, your overall endurance will become stronger.

Having covered the head to hips,  next time we will be working on hips downwards.  What will really help is, if in between sessions, you could remember to incorporate the tips you have learned into your general running. On top of that, regularly do the agility, balance, coordination exercises we spoke about.  Do some backwards running too. As well as this, try the ‘running fast slowly’ exercise I showed you with Val towards the end. 5 to 10 minutes a day will really help you progress and achieve.

The main thing is,, keep it up and keep smiling!!!   Thank you for coming along and see you next time.


There will be no newsletter for the next two weeks, so plenty of time to get those race reports and photos to me!

If you want to put an article in the newsletter, then please send it over!

Have a good week.