Newsletter 19th July 2020

Newsletter –  19th July 2020

Returning to running as a club

The survey found that over half of people who replied wanted to get back to running from September and this is what we are currently working towards. England Athletics  issued their guidance on Friday 17th July and we are currently working to see what this means we need to do to get back to running as a club.  We also have to liaise with the Rugby Club to ensure that any  guidance we issue to members takes into account their procedures.

As soon as we have plans in draft, we will let you know.

The England Athletics advice can be found here.


If anyone wants to put forward their thoughts on this, please do email me at


Virtual Challenges

We are still logging miles for our Tour De France challenge.  We had completed  1242 miles on foot and 312 miles on the bikes as of the last update (Saturday afternoon).  The swimmers have taken the challenge of getting us to France  and have also got the return journey booked as well by completing 42 miles.

The baton is still on it’s way round having had a detour out of Ledbury to Hellen’s earlier in the week.  Keep an eye out for it in your travels.



If you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so!  The membership form can be found on the website.  Here’s the link:-

LDH membership form V6 Apr 2020


Have a good week and keep running!