Newsletter 24th February 2019

Hello Harriers,

Run this week –  Rugby Club for 6:30 to start running at 6:45.

The lead runners for this week are:

Gentle Joggers:  Mark

Easy Runners:  Peter

Runners:  Chris

Please can I remind you of the running group pace and distance.  It is important that groups stay together as much as possible and those faster runners in the group should muster back to the runner at the back.  This is really important as it makes everyone feel part of the club.

Gentle Joggers – 11 – 12 min mile pace, around 3 – 4 miles

 Easy Runners–  10 – 11  min mile pace, around 4 miles.

 Runners – 9 -10 min mile pace, around 4 – 5 miles

 Sprinters –  8 – 9 min mile pace, around 5 –6 miles

 Elites –  7 – 8 min mile pace, around 7-8 miles

REMEMBER: Hi-viz and torches

Running Groups

As the club is getting more members and more people are coming forward to lead run.  I thought we may need another running group.  Therefore, I have put together a survey of running paces.  To see where the greatest need is for an extra group please could you fill in the survey.

Cross Country

Today, saw the last of the cross country races for this season.  Well done to all Harriers who have managed to run one of the races, especially if you managed to run majority of them.

Leadership in Running Fitness.

Saturday 11th May, sees a course in leadership for running fitness.   This course is fairly local being held in Birmingham We encourage all our lead runners to take this course.  If you are interested in taking this course there are several of us already planning on going so car sharing is recommended.  The club is happy to pay for the course for our lead runners but if you are interested in becoming a lead runner please message me.

Poets Path Potter

A fantastic local race on Saturday 23rd March, with various distances, 8, 10, 16 and 26 mile event options is open for entries.   With a 10 hour time limit, this event is ideal for run/walkers.  The daffodils will be out, so this is a beautiful run.

Vest  or Tops?

Sue K has set up a survey for our club tops.  We are looking at supplying all paid up members with a club top but we need to know vests or tshirts and sizes.  Please could you fill in the following survey.

Sunday Social Runs- next Sunday

Great feedback on the first of our social runs for this year.  Thank you Tony for leading it and well done to all of you who ran.  If you would like to lead a run from your part of town just let me know.


Please send any race reports to Holly who will try and get them into the paper

Magnificent Eastnor 7 – Sunday 7th April MEETING THIS THURSDAY

The date of our race is approaching and Chris is holding a meeting on Thursday 28th February at the Rugby Club.  Please keep this date in your diary as many hands make light work.


Thank you to those of you who have sent in their recommendations for a charity.  It is not too late to send more suggestions.  Ideally, we are looking for local charities.

If you have any ideas please email me –

Malvern Hills Ultra

Simeon Foreman from Malvern Buzzards has emailed me to say that there may be a Club Champions event for the Malvern Hills Ultra.  Those wishing to do so would receive a £5 discount.  If anyone is interested in getting a team together please email me and I will find out more about the Club Champions.

2019 Champions League

All races can now be found on our website.  Thank you to Holly for taking the time to choose the races and to Sally for getting them onto the website.

Up and coming races

Action Heart 5 Sunday 3rd March

Rhayader Round the Lakes 18m and 5m Saturday 2nd March

Poets Path Potter Saturday 23rd March

Droitwich Half Marathon Sunday 14th April

Gloucester 10K Sunday 19th May

Worcester Pitchcroft 10K Sunday 26th May

Crocodile 8 Sunday 26th May

Dymock Half Marathon Sunday 26th May

Bulmers Bash Sunday 2nd June

Round the Downs Sunday 2nd June