Newsletter 24th January 2021

Hi there

Hope you are all keeping well.

Thank you to everyone who took part in last weeks 30 min challenge.  We may have a rematch sometime in February!

We are obviously still not able to run in our groups so you may be finding it diffcult to get out and run.  However, I have a couple of challenges which hopefully will encourage you to get out for a walk or a run.

First of all, we have a new baton!  This means we can play hide and seek again.  The game is simple.  The baton has been hidden.  The finder takes it and places it in a new place and then posts a picture of the hiding place on our Facebook page ready for the next  person to find it and hide it. 

At the time of writing (Sunday afternoon), the last known place of the baton was here:-

Keep an eye on the Facebook to see where it goes!


The next challenge is a virtual orienteering one.  Using the Maprun F app, try the Ledbury course – see how many checkpoints you can ‘tick’ off in the 1 hour allotted time.  Let me have the results, and whether you walked / ran it .  If you ran it, put in the group you usually run with so we can see how each group gets on.  The course starts and ends at the Master’s House.  It could take you down roads in Ledbury you never knew existed!  It can also test your map-reading skills.

I did it this afternoon, ticked off 10 checkpoints in 1 hour 6 mins, and walked 4.25 miles.  There are 30 checkpoints in total.  It can give you a purpose for a walk when you would rather stay indoors or maybe take you away from your usual route round town.

Let’s see how this one goes!

If there are any challenges that you would like the club to put on, please let me know via email  or on the Facebook page and we will see what we can do!


Have a good week and keep safe.