Newsletter 26th April 2020

Newsletter – 26th April 2020

 Today should have been the running of the 40th London Marathon.  Unfortunately it has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak to the 4th October. I hope all those runners who were planning on running it are going to be able to either run in October or next year, if they have deferred.  The BBC programme on the running of the 1st London Marathon is well worth watching even if it is just to see how much more inclusive running has become over the past 40 years  (I was cringing every time the commentator mentioned ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’  – and there were so few of them as well!)  and the improvement in  running kit!



These are normally collected from 1st April.  England Athletics have extended the deadline for England Athletic Membership to 31st August 2020 .  Sue has been unable to do the electronic membership entry form for this year so we are back to the usual paper-based method.  The form is on both Facebook and the Club Website.  Please make sure that you use the updated form and that you have the correct bank details on any BACS payment you make.  Any queries, please let either myself or Sue know.


Get to know your Committee and Lead Runners!  This week is it is the turn of your committee.

Sally Smart – Treasurer, Lead Runner and Couch to 5K Leader

When did you start running? ouch..let’s just say I was 16yrs old (first year 6th form).

Why? My PE teacher started a lunchtime jogging club & I discovered I was rather good at it. I put this down to having a pony who we kept on the New Forest and I spent many a happy hour running around the New Forest trying to find her!

First Race? Probably the local schools cross country championships.

Favourite distance? Years ago I would have  said cross country races which were never much more than 3 miles. These days I am just happy to still be able to run.

Favourite place to run? I have to say Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield. This is the largest urban park in Europe and is a perfect playground for runners. No Herefordshire clay! But my second choice would be in the Herefordshire country side.

Music or not when you run? Never….there is so much nature around us.

Favourite local event? I’m guessing we’re talking races here? I stopped racing a long time ago…however, I do remember doing the Beacon Run in the early 1980’s and that was amazing.

Best tip you were given about running? Training is like putting money in the bank – you’ve got to put it in to draw on it.


Helen Keegan – Lead Runner and Chair

When did you start running?  Back in 1998 when a friend suggested that I should run Sheffield Steelers’ Percy Pud  10K Race as she was a member of that Running Club.  I ran off and on for about 4 years, completed 4 Great North Runs (mainly because a friend lived in Newcastle) until 2003 when I joined Stourbridge Running Club and  then I ran consistently until 2006.  I joined Ledbury Harriers in 2013 (I think) and haven’t stopped running since.

Why do I run? Originally it was to get fit for our hillwalking holidays  – now it is to keep fit, to run with friends and to also get some time for myself.

First Race?  Sheffield Steelers Percy Pud 10K.  I think I finished in about 63 minutes.

Favourite Distance? Has to be 10K.  There’s so much choice about.

Favourite Place to run?  When we lived in the Midlands, it was along the canals.  Reasonably flat, plenty of choice, great scenery and a spot of bird watching as well.  Kingfishers and Herons were often seen.   Round here, it would be the quiet country lanes.

Music or not when you run?  Never with music but there is often a song going round in my head so sometimes, I am mentally singing along whilst running. Definitely can’t run and sing at the same time!

Favourite local event?  Has to be the Newent Nine.  Lots of Ledbury Harriers and friends from parkrun plus great cake afterwards and the medal is always fantastic.

Best Tip given about running? Getting out the door is the hardest part.  Once you’ve done that, if you still don’t feel like going for a run just run a mile and see how you feel.  Even if you turn back after that, you’ll still have done 2 miles.


Ledbury Harriers Virtual Challenge

 Thanks for everyone who has contributed to the mileage total so far this week.  I will send out a separate post later but as of Saturday night, we had completed 530 miles and 41 people had logged some mileage.  Don’t feel that your times are too slow or the miles too few.  It all counts and we’d love to have along for the journey!


Any thoughts on the next Virtual Challenge – please let me know or post on Facebook.  We will be running virtually until the end of May (England Athletics guidelines ) and who knows how long after that?  It’s a good way to keep  motivated and I’ve really enjoyed plotting our route each night.



We will keep you updated on when we are able to meet again but in the meantime, please keep well and safe.