Newsletter – 2nd August 2020

Newsletter – 2nd August 2020

Returning to running as a club

We are hoping to be running as a club in September.  We have almost completed the Risk Assessment and are currently looking at ways of booking people onto runs.  The plan is to offer small group runs of 1 leader plus 5 runners, which meets the current Government guidance of meeting with 6 people outdoors.  Although potentially we could run in bigger groups providing we meet the necessary instructions of England Athletics, it is felt that this could cause conflict with members of the public when the general guidance is only 6 people in a group.  Also managing social distancing in a bigger group becomes much harder to do.

Initially, we will only be offering runs to signed up members of the club whilst we learn to work within this situation. It will start with just one group per pace, again whilst we see how it goes. We may be able to offer more than one group per pace if the demand is there and if we have enough Lead Runners available on that night.

Please bear with us whilst we learn to work within these new guidelines. It’s new to us as well!  Obviously the situation is still very fluid and subject to sudden changes which we will have to react to maybe at very short notice.

When we have the final details of how everything will work, we will post instructions and details on the website, via email and Facebook.


If you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so!  The membership form can be found on the website.

LDH membership form V6 Apr 2020

Virtual Challenge

The Tour de France challenge has reached it’s conclusion with enough miles to take us back to Calais.

Thanks to everyone who has logged miles or taken part in any of the challenges.  It will be good (hopefully!) to be back running in person shortly



Have a good week and keep running!