Newsletter 2nd February 2020

Lead Runners this week

Jeffers:  Kate

Gentle Joggers:  Help needed

Easy Runners:  Laura

Runners:   Help needed

Sprinters:  Help needed


We have got a couple of new Lead Runners but I am still short for the Sprinter’s group.  If anyone would like to volunteer to take this group out, then please come and have a chat with me.  Anyone else who would like to be a Lead Runner for the other groups would also be very welcome!

Please can I remind you of the running group pace and distance.  It is important that groups stay together as much as possible and those faster runners in the group should muster back to the runner at the back.  This is really important as it makes everyone feel part of the club.


Jeffers – Run/walk group

Gentle Joggers – 11 – 12 min mile pace, around 3 – 4 miles

Easy Runners–  10 – 11  min mile pace, around 4 miles.

Runners – 9 -10 min mile pace, around 4 – 5 miles

Sprinters –  8 – 9 min mile pace, around 5 –6 miles

Elites –  7 – 8 min mile pace, around 7-8 miles


Magnificent Eastnor Castle Race

This takes place on 29th March 2020.  We now have flyers available.  If you could collect some on Tuesday and distribute them around your places of work etc or at any races you are doing that would be great.  Thanks.



Details of this run have been finalised:

Canicross 10:45

Main Race 11:00

Kids Race 11:10

Entry fee – affiliated £14 non-affiliated £16

Refreshments are now being organised by Ella and Edd Hogan.  If we can have a couple of extra volunteers for the day that would be a great help.  We will also be looking for donations of cake!

Entries are now live –  Please promote at any races you attend or share across Facebook with any other groups who may be interested.

Fast and Fun

Thursday night 6pm meet at Homebase or 6:15pm at the corner of Prince Rupert Road.

Everyone welcome.  You don’t have to be fast – you just want to run faster.

ICE Tags

Now you have your ICE tags, don’t forget to put them on!

Club Kit

Unofficial club kit is available




Please send any race reports to Holly who will try and get them into the paper.


Up and coming races


Wye Valley (Chepstow) Thursday 6th February

Muddy Woody 16th February 2020

Action Heart 5 1st March 2020

Wolverhampton Trail Half 14th March 2020

Bath Half 15th March 2020

Inkberrow Relay 15th March 2020

Abergavenny 10K 5th April 2020

Dick Whittington 4 Thursday 14th May

Pendock Chicken Run 22nd March 2020

Speech House (FOD) Friday 27th March 2020

Herefordshire 10 miler 29th March 2020

Great Bristol 10k 3rd May 2020

Sandwell Valley Park 5K and 10K 10th May

Edinburgh Marathon 24th May 2020

Dymock Half Marathon and 10k 24th May 2020

Bridgnorth Lions Walk & Marathon Monday 25th May

Bulmers Bash 31st May

Sharpness 16/50 Canal 6th June 2020

Aldridge 5K and 10K  14th June 2020

Frampton 10k Monday 29th June

Severn Bridge Half Marathon and 10k Sunday 30th August

Wye Valley Trail Race 25K 5th September 2020

Bristol Half Marathon 27th September 2020


If you do any events, please let me know so that we can celebrate your successes.

Other events

We are planning on doing a Litter Pick in Ledbury shortly.  Jayne is organising this and when we have a date, it would be great to see as many people as possible helping out.  Equipment will be provided.  There will be a poll on Facebook to see which date is the most popular.  I will also take votes at the club for those people who don’t use Facebook.


21st March will be the Couch to 5K graduation Parkrun.


That’s all this week’s news.