Newsletter 3rd May 2020

Newsletter – 3rd May 2020

 I hope you are all keeping safe, well and reasonable motivated during this difficult time.  We are expecting to have an update of the lockdown detail some time this week and England Athletics will then provide their guidance and what it means for club meetings.  As of now their guidance is that there should be no club meetings until 31st May and that there should be no competitions until after 30th June.  We will update you as and when we have further news.


These are normally collected from 1st April.  England Athletics have extended the deadline for England Athletic Membership to 31st August 2020 .  Sue has been unable to do the electronic membership entry form for this year so we are back to the usual paper-based method.  The form is on both Facebook and the Club Website.  Please make sure that you use the updated form and that you have the correct bank details on any BACS payment you make.  Any queries, please let either myself or Sue know.


Greetings from the Groups

This week it is from one our newest members – Graham Bell.

Graham Bell – Joined Ledbury & District Harriers April 2020!


Skye Half Marathon – 2017

When did you start running? Many moons ago when Jim Fixx (no not that one, the Complete Book of Running guy) was the god of running, and I was at school, I discovered about the only sports event I had any ability in was cross country running. I never did understand why everyone hated it, but to be fair XC isn’t top of my must do list these days. Then my form tutor at 6th form college started a lunchtime running club and we entered the inter colleges 1/2 Marathon, which was somewhere around

Brockenhurst and off road through the tracks of the New Forest. I think my time was around 1h 48mins, but I beat my under trained mate;-)

Why? Running was something I was averagely good at, it’s a simple sport at heart, with minimal kit and barriers to entry. Over the years it’s been a great stress re-leaver, and these days I’m more often told I need to go for a run before I’ve decided! Let’s just say the endorphins help, and leave it at that!

First Race? I remember doing some 10k’s and a couple of Half Marathons in the early 80’s as the running boom kicked off.

Favourite place to run?  Until last October I’ve always lived in Hampshire, so coastal runs along the shores of the Solent, or up on the trails of the South Downs were the favourites. Since the move, and over the winter I’ve been learning to love hills, and the lanes around where we live. People used to say “hills are your friend”, but I’m not sure they’d say that around here!

Music or not when you run?  a) I’m a man & I can’t multi task, and b) I think I’m probably old school, so a definite no to music.

Favourite local event?  Looking forward to finding out. Anything flat, with no medal and free beer at the end will be fine by me.

Best tip you were given about running?  The One I like is “Find and excuse to run, not an excuse not to run”.


Finally.  Since coming along to a couple of taster sessions with the club in March, and receiving such a nice welcome, I was really looking forward to getting back to running socially  and with a club again. Unfortunately other events have taken over, but very much looking forward to discovering more of the local country side through the eyes of fellow runners.


Happy Running


Ledbury Harriers Virtual Challenge


Thanks for everyone who contributed to the first challenge and to everyone who has started on our second challenge.  I’ll keep you posted on where we are up to as often as possible.


A short one this week!  Keep the contributions coming!


Take care.