Newsletter 5th April 2020

Newsletter – 5th April 2020

Thank you to everyone who has sent in contributions for the newsletter this week.  Please keep them coming!  They will appear here – just rationing them out so that I have a few weeks covered.  Maybe this could be a regular feature?!


These are normally collected from 1st April.  Sue is busy working on an electronic system for membership and payment in order to make the role of the Membership Secretary more manageable.  As soon as it is available, we will let everyone know.  England Athletics have extended the deadline for England Athletic Membership to 31st August 2020 .


Get to know your Committee and Lead Runners!

Tony Saunders – Lead Runner

How long have you been running?  3 years

Why did you start? I came from a motor cycle scramble background , travelling all over the country with my son until he retired from the sport . So thought I might do something for myself so running it was.

First Race? Hereford Hospice 10k 52mins

Favourite Distance?  34ml ultras , have done further but the real pain kicks in after 35 miles!

Favourite place to run? anywhere but trails not a road runner if I can help it  – too hard on these old joints.

Run with music or not? not a lover of running with Music – too much messing about for me

Favourite Local race? Poets path potter all on trails and foot paths

Best running tip? Just enjoy your running.  Wear the proper shoes , don’t overdress and get too warm. Don’t worry about pace just get out and do it


Nick Tyler – Lead Runner and previously club secretary


How long have you been running?  2003 for Cardiff half, then didn’t run again until 2013 , then stuck at it ever since.

Why did you start? Got back into running in 2013 due to parkrun

First Race? Cardiff half 2003,  then Mud Runner Classic 2013

Favourite Distance?  10k

Favourite place to run? Somewhere flat (which is hard round here)

Run with music or not? No music, sometimes comedy podcasts

Favourite Local race? Poets Path Potter , Dymock

Best running tip? Don’t buy cheap trainers


Greetings from the Groups!


From Louise Wall

I first joined Ledbury Harriers Couch to 5k just over two years ago.  Sally cajoled, encouraged and made us believe we could do it.  Many of us had not run for a long time, if at all, but off we went one cold, dark January evening, bundled up in hats, scarves, gloves and with head-torches bobbing.  Each week, we dutifully followed our homework that had been set, and went out for weekend runs together.  Our Tuesday night runs got longer, and with all the talking and laughing along the way, sometimes we didn’t even notice that we had broken the 5k goal.  We all finished the Newent Park Run – a huge achievement that had seemed impossible just nine weeks previously.

Last summer, my running came to a complete halt as I cared for both my ageing parents.  But at the back of my mind was that one day I would be out there running again; and it has been this current crisis we find ourselves in that has, strangely, enabled me to do just that.  With the chance to exercise being so limited, it has become all the more precious and I have not hesitated to jump out of bed early in the mornings to walk or run through Ledbury and down the town trail (observing social distancing where necessary of course!).  I have seen and heard woodpeckers, watched squirrels and birds, and enjoyed the beauty of an English spring bursting into life.  Knowing that there are people who are suffering greatly at the moment or working hard and putting their own health at risk to look after others, I do not take any of this for granted.

So while I have the chance, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helps make Ledbury Harriers the success it is and wish you all the best of health in the coming weeks and months.


Favourite Routes

Thanks to Suzanne Lantos for this one.  I’d forgotten about this route.  Walked it last week and it’s great!

Ledbury to Eastnor and back via Conigree Wood.

Here’s a great trail run, just under 4 miles, starting from the Market House, heading towards Gloucester, briefly tracking the A417 before turning left up a stony track and disappearing into woods and fields, dropping down into picture-perfect Eastnor, before ‘beasting’ up another track to traverse more fields and woods, and a steep descent back into town.


View over Eastnor.


And finally – don’t try this at home!  (Hope the link works)  From Sarah-Jayne Arbury





Take care everyone.  Please keep to the Government Guideline about exercising and social distancing.