Newsletter 5th July 2020

Returning to running as a club

England Athletics has now issued their roadmap on how clubs can return to running in groups.  Each step requires considerable work to be done by the committee to ensure that we meet the EA guidelines and are therefore insured.  The steps that need to be taken include:-

  • A risk assessment done at each stage of the guidelines
  • If we return to running as a club, then we will need to risk assess each route that each group runs
  • We would currently need to start each group at a different location.
  • We can only have 5 people plus a lead runner in each group at the current stage (Step 2)
  • Each runner would need to agree to guidelines such as leaving contact information, not running when unwell, practicing good running hygiene (eg no spitting!)

Plus others

We would like to gauge the thoughts of everyone as to how they would like to return to the club.  I have put together a simple survey which you can complete or you can email me at with your answers to the following questions:-

  1. How would you like to return to running with the club?
  • As soon as possible with groups limited to 5 people plus lead runner
  • Wait until September and then run with whatever guidelines are in place by then
  • Wait until the number of people allowed in a group are sufficient to allow us to run as we did prior to lockdown.
  • Wait until all restrictions on numbers are lifted – no matter how long that takes
  • Not planning to run with the club again
  • Other (please specify)


  1. Which group do you run with?
    • Fast
    • Sprinters
    • Runners
    • Easy Runners
    • Gentle Joggers
    • Jeffers
    • Couch to 5K
    • Not sure

The link to the survey is here:-


The updated government guidance is here:-

The roadmap that England Athletics have published is here :-

We will keep you informed of any changes to the guidance and what it means for us.


Virtual Challenges

In the meantime we will keep on with the virtual challenges and trying to keep everyone motivated.  Expect details of the next challenge later today!

It has been really good to see people getting involved in the challenges.  Great to see new members Rachel and David Bannister in fancy dress having completed the full Bingo card.

Looking forward to meeting you both in person – but will we recognise you?!!


The baton is still making it’s way round.  The clue’s are getting more cryptic.  Has anyone any idea where Chris Law has left it?

I’ll try and add up the mileage and see how far it has travelled.

Other news

We have cancelled our pubs runs for the summer with the various pubs.  This week was supposed to be at The Slip in Much Marcle.   We can’t be there as a group but I’m sure they and all of the other pubs we were going to visit would appreciate your support if you wanted a trip out (abiding by all current regulations and guidance.)

Have a good week and keep running!