Newsletter 7th February 2021

Hi there

Thank you to everyone who commented on the proposed Magnificent Eastnor Castle Event.  As soon as we are closer to knowing if we can host it, then I will put out some more information and hopefully requests for help!  If you have any further comments or can potentially help out (especially if you have a valid first aid certificate!) then please let me know.

Getting out was hard this week – the dark and the rain certainly don’t help!  What motivated you to do your runs this week?

Sarah Coggins and Catherine Every decided to use their Thursday evening run to do the MapRun F Ledbury Orienteering event.  Sarah did say that maybe doing it in the dark and the rain wasn’t the best idea.  They managed to find 17 points in 1 hour and 2 mins.  The challenge has been set – can anyone beat that?

Membership renewals

Our membership year starts from 1st April.  Next week, the details on how to rejoin for the 2021/22 year will be here.  The membership fees are remaining the same as in previous years  £15 for general membership and £30 for membership which includes the England Athletics fee.

Another short one this week.   Please keep in touch via our Facebook page and let people know where you have been running or walking.  There are definitely signs of Spring out there and the hours of daylight are increasing.  Hopefully this will encourage you all to get out at some point this week.

Take care, have a good week and stay safe.