Newsletter 7th July 2019

Hello Harriers,

Well done to all those of you who have been racing this weekend, especially to Tor who had 3 firsts this weekend  – first Ledbury Harrier vest outing, first 10K and first medal.

Run this week is from the Rugby Club, – 6:30 to run at 6:45.  Warm up at 6.30. Lead runners are:

Jeffers – Sarah

Gentle Joggers – Jayne

Easy Runners – Nick

Runners – Natalie


This week will see Peter helping with Easy Runners to encourage faster runners in the Gentle Joggers to move up to Easy Runners.  So that you don’t feel you are holding Easy Runners back he will be there to help you.



Please can I remind you of the running group pace and distance.  It is important that groups stay together as much as possible and those faster runners in the group should muster back to the runner at the back.  This is really important as it makes everyone feel part of the club.


Jeffers – Run/walk group

Gentle Joggers – 11 – 12 min mile pace, around 3 – 4 miles

 Easy Runners–  10 – 11  min mile pace, around 4 miles.

 Runners – 9 -10 min mile pace, around 4 – 5 miles

 Sprinters –  8 – 9 min mile pace, around 5 –6 miles

 Elites –  7 – 8 min mile pace, around 7-8 miles


Couch to 5k

The next Couch to 5k will start 24th September.  As we have spent all of the Tesco money this course will now need to be paid for.  Cost £25, if you know anyone who may be interested they can contact Sally S at

ICE Tags

Now you have your ICE tags, don’t forget to put them on!

Club Kit

Club kit will be handed out to members on Tuesday night

We have our official running vest that EA rules say must be worn when racing and also some kit for you to wear when you are out running.  This kit will be printed with the club logo and Ledbury Harriers, you can also have your name put on.    Please check out our kit at:

Thank you Neil for all your work on this.



Missing some XC action?

How about these FREE off road races, set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.

All abilities, no egos, just good fun!




WED. 10th. JULY 2019 TBC Queenswood 7.15 p.m.

WED. 24th. JULY 2019 SHOBDON COURT (Croft Ambrey R.C.) 7.15 p.m


Membership Fees


By now all of us should have paid our membership fees.  If you are new to the club membership starts is £15 for the year or £30 if you want to be a member of England Athletics too.  If you want to enter the draw for the London Marathon Club Place you must be a member of the EA.


Membership forms can be found on our website:


or on our noticeboard at the Rugby Club (head as if you are going to the men’s toilets)



Pub Runs


During the summer months, we meet at a pub for our Tuesday run.  We stay for drinks after the run and sometimes chips.   The following dates and locations have been chosen:


Aug 6th – Much Marcle / The Slip Tavern change of venue WALWYN AMRS

Sept 3rd – Haugh Woods / The Crown at Woolhope




Please send any race reports to Holly who will try and get them into the paper



2019 Champions League


All races can now be found on our website.  Thank you to Holly for taking the time to choose the races and to Sally for getting them onto the website.


Up and coming races

The Wild One Multi lap marathon Sunday 21st July

Gloucester 5k Thursday 1st August

Severn Bridge Half Marathon Sunday 25th August

Ross 10K, 10K canicross, 5k and 5K canicross Sunday 1st September

Apperley Quarter Marathon Sunday 22nd September

Redditch 10K Saturday 28th September

Sheep Walk Shocker 10K Sunday 6th October

Hope Valley Run Sunday 13th October

Bath Half 15th March 2020