Running & COVID – 19

You may have seen this on Strava – I think it all makes sense and you probably know it already. I particularly like the idea of ‘physical-distancing’ as opposed to ‘social-distancing’

Should I exercise during the pandemic?
“Exercise can help manage stress, boost the immune system, and improve energy levels,” says Dr. Roche. “However, it’s important to stay in tune with how your body is feeling and keep an eye on exercise load and intensity. Overtraining and/or rapid increases in training volume can burden the immune system. It’s also important to listen to any symptoms that may arise. Typically, I suggest that athletes with mild cold symptoms back off intensity and duration of exercise. In our current situation, in the event of any symptoms, I suggest that athletes be more cautious, rest, and consult with their physician.”

Can I exercise outside and still be socially distant?
“In general the answer is yes – but is highly dependent on where you live. It all comes down to density. If it will be easy for you to avoid other people (a minimum of 6 feet apart) during your run or ride and there aren’t restrictions on your outdoor movements in place or a quarantine, then it’s generally safe to exercise outdoors. For example, if your community backs up to a forest, rural or mountainous area and there’s plenty of room to roam, then exercise as usual and give any passerbys a wide berth,” says Dr. Roche. “This can be a time to get creative with exercise and facilitate a sense of play if forced to work out indoors. Try a new indoor strength routine, go up and down the stairs, or play indoor tag with kids. Viewing movement as exercise can help reframe how we structure our current routines.”

What can we do to support each other right now?
“Across the world right now, we are almost all experiencing varying levels of fear, anxiety, and foundational shifts in our daily routines,” says Dr. Roche. “It’s unprecedented. But it’s also a remarkable opportunity to support each other in our shared experiences. Think about it as practicing physical distancing as opposed to social distancing–be extra engaged when you can. Call your running friends, give extra Strava kudos, support local businesses online, or tell someone you care about them. Every little action makes a difference as a collective athletic community.”