The results are in…. Virtual Yacht Race 2020

And the winners are:-

Jack Ferguson and Tony Saunders.  They were 33 secs off their predicted time.

Full results here:-

Team Member Difference from Predicted Time
Jack Ferguson Tony Saunders 00:00:33
Mark Lister Rachel Bannister 00:00:46
Chris Grubb Jo Taylor-Greig 00:00:50
Lyn Gardiner Maria Law 00:01:13
Graham Bell David Bannister 00:01:38
Jo Jackson Peter Jackson 00:01:59
Kate Elkington Mark Marshall 00:02:12
Nick Currie Duncan Cresswell 00:02:19
Nick Tyler Pip Frost 00:02:24
Steve Rooke John Lane 00:03:02
Neil Grinnell Sally Rooke 00:03:11
Martin Williams Helen Keegan 00:03:27
Chris Law Amy Saunders 00:06:45


It’s really hard to predict your team members time especially when you don’t usually run with them!

The person closest to their predicted time was Pip Frost.  Well done to Nick Tyler for knowing that Pip would only be 2 secs out on her run!


Thank you for Jayne for getting all the times in and working out the results!