Training jargon: speed endurance or strength endurance?

Let’s look specifically at hill training.

Speed endurance:

  • use short hills (40 seconds to 60 seconds)
  • run fast up and over then jog back down to recover & repeat
  • start with 6 reps then increase gradually to max of two sets of 8
  • focus on good technique: run tall, head up, shorten stride, use arms, increase cadence, feel light and bouncy
  • result – you will run faster

Strength endurance:

  • use a longer hill up to half a mile – you will be running slower with these longer hills
  • again run up and over the hill then jog back down & repeat
  • run for a total of 20 mins and gradually increase to 30 mins
  • focus on technique as above
  • result – you will feel stronger and be able to run more efficiently for longer.

Despite all the hills in Herefordshire I have yet to find a good one for ‘Fun & Fast’ training in Ledbury. But don’t despair you don’t have to miss out, the above sessions can be done at the weekend on your local hill. Alternatively you can have a go at attacking hills during your steady running. But don’t forget technique.
We say run ‘over’ the hill because this is when many runners slow down in races so it is a chance to overtake.

If you are new to hill running start slowly and build up gradually. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for an improvement to be seen.

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