Tuesday 26th March Moving up Tuesday!

Our leaders are aware that there are some runners who are ready to move up a group…is this you? Are you usually at the front of your group? This week is your chance to have a go in the next group. Also, our newly graduated runners will be joining Gentle Joggers. So, our leaders will be looking out for you …make sure they know you are trying a new group. Can we all buddy up with any new runners…..Our leaders will keep to the club paces and distances see below (they will keep the distance nearer the shorter end)

Take this opportunity to give it a go this week – you may surprise yourself! Not happy – you can always go back to your previous group.

Gentle Joggers – 11 – 12 min mile pace, around 3 – 4 miles
Easy Runners– 10 – 11 min mile pace, around 4 miles.
Runners– 9 -10 min mile pace, around 4 – 5 miles
Sprinters 8 – 9 min mile pace, around 5 –6 miles
Elites7 – 8 min mile pace, around 7-8 miles