Virtual Challenge – End of Week 1 – 08/05/2020

It’s been a busy week.  Overall we have clocked up 2482 miles in total.  We have visited Lizard Point (most Southerly), Ness Point  (the most Easterly) John O’Groats

and Dunnet Head (the most Northerly point)


We are now coming down the west side of the country and are at Glenfinnan which is where the Hogwarts Express goes over ‘that’ viaduct in the films. (would have posted a picture but having technical problems!)

So to the stats!

Total Ran – 810 miles

Total Cycled – 1406 miles

Total Walked – 253 miles

plus 13 miles of horse riding and other activities.


Top Groups

Running – Runners

Cycling – Sprinters

Walking – Gentle Joggers


Top 3 people:

Running –

David Bannister (Sprinters)

Sarah Coggins (Runners)

Chris Grubb (Fast)



Chris Grubb (Fast)

Sally Rooke (Easy Runners)

Sue Kirk (Sprinters)



Pip Frost (Runners)

Mark Lister (Runners)

Jo Jackson (Easy Runners)


64 members have taken part including some new members who I am looking forward to meeting when we return to the club.

We have had 15 Jeffers/Gentle Joggers, 12 Easy Runners, 16 Runners, 12 Sprinters amd 9 Fast  all take part this week.

The maps  can be found here:-