Virtual Challenge – On your bikes!

I’m missing the Tour De France this July.  So we are going to follow the route of the 2019 Tour.  (I couldn’t get my head around the 2020 one!)

Start:- Monday 6th July 2020

We will start in Brussels and end on the Champs-Elysees. We will take in the Alps and the Pyrenees along with some of the delights of the French countryside on the way.  Croissants, bagettes, wine and cheese are optional extras!

As before cycling, walking and running will count towards the mileage.

1 mile walking = 2 miles running

3 miles cycling = 1 mile running.


In order to encourage you all to get out and run and/or walk, we will be adding in a bit of competition.  Wheels vs Feet. I will keep a tally of the feet miles (run/ walk mileage) vs the wheeled miles (cycling mileage).  Who will finish first?


Also, when we get to the Mountain stages we will start to track the metres climbed.  So now’s the time to see if those fancy watches keep a track of the height climbed on each  run/walk.  How high can we climb?

We should also have a final competition when we reach Paris – suggestions welcome!

So usual format.  Either email me your mileage at  or post on the relevant days post on Facebook.

Every mile counts so keep them all logged!

Bon Voyage!!