Virtual Challenge – The next one!

Thank you to all 53 runners who took part in our virtual run to Land’s End from John O’Groats.  We ran a total of 941 miles in 6 days , 4 hours and 20 mins.  We even went over the actual milege of 928!

So on to the next challenge!  This one will start on Saturday  2nd May and will see us run/walk/cycle/and any other non-motorised means (horses are allowed!) to John O’Groats.  We will start by going along the coast line of Britain, taking in the most southerly point (The Lizard in Cornwall) and the most Easterly point (Lowestoft) then cutting  across country to take in Ardnamurchan Point (the most westerly point) and  Dunnet Head (most Northerly point ) before arriving back at John O’Groats.

Total Mileage – no idea!

This time though we will just be logging miles – no times required.  So all that time spent walking (dogs and children are optional) will count plus your usual runs and cycle rides (all within government guidelines of course!)

To make it a bit more of a competition, when you log your first run/walk/cycle, could you let me know which group you normally run with (or would like to run with if you are new to the club) and I will have a league at the end of each week as to which group has gone the furthest in each category!

So log your miles, stating whether you ran, walked, cycled or ‘other’  on either Facebook or via email and let’s see how we do.  It would be great to get the whole club logging some miles during the challenge.

I’ll try to get more updates out via the email system as well this time rather than mainly through Facebook.

I have really enjoyed hearing about all your runs and seeing what amazing mileage we clock up each week (and that’s when people aren’t training for events!)