Virtual Challenge update – Days 2 to 4

We have passed the most Easterly point on the British Mainland – Ness Point in Lowestoft.

and have come further up the East Coast – past Great Yarmouth, Hunstanton and Skegness!



We have ran/cycled/walked and moved 1285 miles at the time of writing.   56 people have logged some form of exercise – over half the club!

The stats at the moment are:-

Cycled 695

Ran 450

Walked 135

Other 6

The Runners are ahead in the Running group.  Sprinters have taken to their bikes to take the lead in that group and Gentle Joggers are heading up the walking group.

Keep up the good work!  Does anyone want to guess how far we will have travelled by the end of the challenge?


Links to the route are here:-

and here


Further updates in a day or two.