Virtual Challenge – Week 2. We’re home!

Last week was busy on the exercise front.  We made it from the North West Coast of Scotland to Land’s End and back home to Ledbury.  We logged up an amazing 4,629 miles in total.

Ran: 1604 miles

Cycled: 2423 miles

Walked: 568

And clocked up 34 miles of other exercise as well.

The group that ran the furthest was Runners (fittingly!) with 483 miles.  The Sprinters cycled the furthest at 1005 miles and Gentle Joggers walked the most covering 160 miles.  Easy Runners completed the most ‘Other’ exercise with 16 miles.

There was no change in the top 3 runners at the end;

1st David Bannister (Sprinters)

2nd  Sarah Coggins (Runners)

3rd Chris Grubb (Fast)

There was a change in fortune in the cycling lineup. Sally Rooke got knocked out of the top 3.

1st Chris Grubb (Fast)

2nd Ian Phillips (Sprinters)

3rd Sue Kirk (Sprinters)


Top three walkers were:

1st Pip Frost (Runners)

2nd Jo Jackson (Easy Runners)

3rd  Pete Jackson (Easy Runners)


We had 64 people take part in total.  Thank you for doing so and I hope this has kept some of you motivated during these strange times!  A new challenge will start on Tuesday 19th May.

Stay safe.